We all live on the edge of our capabilities, and the need for personal support is replaced by the determination to help others.

That's how we, a team of 3 women, have helped more than 450 women get the skills they need to support themselves in challenging times. And we want to continue doing it alongside you.

imagine how many ukrainian women we can help together

how? we have created a 6-week program on stress resistance, resilience and resource discovery - TYSHA groups


with a psychologist

in a cozy local cafe

monitoring real-time quality and feedback

using only evidence-based approaches (CBT, ACT)

taking into account each woman's feedback

because you and your health matter

May, 2023, Zaporizhzhia

70% of the participants received their first psychological support with us

May, 2023, Kharkiv

June, 2023, Kharkiv

June, 2023, Kharkiv

Olena, Mykolayiv, 48

Thank you for creating such a group. I finally overcame insomnia. The exercises given by the psychologist helped a lot ❤️

Tetyana, Zaporizhzhia, 55

I discovered a lot for myself and realized that I was hiding my anxiety. Everything here is not rude or forced. I feel safe with the psychologist. I like the rules and the fact that it is smooth and stress-free. The meetings allow me to open up and I feel very comfortable. I want more TYSHA groups!

Kateryna, Mykolaiv, 46

I finally decided to go to individual therapy after our meetings.

Victoria, Mykolaiv, 37

A lot has happened! I have improved my relationship with my husband, I have become more aware of myself and know what to do in stressful situations. I decided to do new things for myself!

Daryna, Zaporizhzhia, 36

I wanted to relieve anxiety and aggression because the atmosphere in the house became more tense after my husband returned from the service. During the meetings, the psychologists explained what was happening and what my husband was feeling, and we were given exercises to do together at home. It became easier to interact. I overcame insomnia. Thank you for this opportunity and this experience. In Zaporizhzhia, there are no alternatives for you.

Olena, Kharkiv, 38

Very useful experience! Thank you for the opportunity! It was interesting with you! I will gladly continue to visit! ❤️

Alina, Zaporizhzhia, 45

I am very grateful for this format of events! I not only feel relieved of anxiety, I finally opened up! Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, I have kept everything inside, lost friends. Thanks to the TYSHA meetings, I finally began to feel alive, regained contact with my friends and found new friends

Natalia, Mykolaiv, 52

My mood has improved, I have confidence in the future.

Kateryna, Kharkiv, 27

Organizational aspects are at a high level, thank you for your work. I want to have more opportunities to take care of my psychological state with the help of the project after 6 meetings.

Oksana, 37, Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine

Thank you for this opportunity and this experience. There are no alternatives to you in our city.

Gulnara, Zaporizhzhia, 50

Thank you for the opportunity to attend the meetings. You guys are great. Thank you for this project! It is very timely. For me personally! In 2014, unfortunately, there was no such support...

Lyudmyla, Mykolaiv, 47

A resource has appeared that allows me to communicate with people more, and I even enrolled in new courses.

Valentina, Mykolayiv, 57

I have received the warmth from the meetings....The desire to go forward boldly has appeared....now I began to notice the beautiful little things that surround me.

women who support us

Thank you for taking care of women in such times

Alexa Sinyachova,
Yoga Teacher and Coach for New Moms

Thank you for organizing such tysha groups

Kate Sadurska,
Freediving World Champion

I’m happy that I was able to support TYSHA during its incubation journey at Phineo and very excited to observe how it grows

Lea Feldbinder,
Senior Consultant, Tysha's coach at Phineo Startups

I've known the girls for many years, from KPMG to crazy trips, and I've followed the creation of TYSHA from the get go. You are an inspiration!

Kristina Nikipolska,
AML and Risk Management Expert

Thank you for giving women the feeling of being not alone with their problems. I know and believe that women's support is one of the most powerful elements in the world, and you prove it

Natalia Chulovska,
PR & Communications Expert

TYSHA is about unity and support for strong women. I sincerely admire!

Liliia Chepelieva,

Your passion and love for Ukraine and its people can be felt throughout everything you do. You inspire me!

Galyna Pidpruzhnykova,
Neurobiologist, Managing Director

Incredibly important and impact-oriented project that puts mental health at the top of the list, implemented by a highly qualified and competent team

*Sophie Dienberg,
Human-Centered Innovation & Inclusive Entrepreneurship

imagine how many ukrainian women we can help together

we do not get any profits